Transcribed from the Calgary Herald, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, November 5, 1948, page 1:

Three Planes Are Missing

NEW YORK (AP). Three planes, one of them an airliner, with a total of 30 or more persons aboard are missing today in the North Pacific area.

The planes are:

A Pacific Alaska air express non-scheduled airliner which vanished Thursday on a flight from Anchorage to Seattle. Figures on the number aboard ranged from 11 to 13.

A United States Navy long-range Neptune bomber with a crew of 9 reported missing off the Washington-British Columbia coast Thursday during American war manoeuvres.

A United States Navy patrol plane with 12 aboard which disappeared in the Aleutians area Wednesday night.

All available aircraft in the three areas were pressed into a search for the planes.

The U.S. Neptune bomber may have crashed near Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island, 140 miles north of here. A plane circled Tofino around noon Thursday and later in the afternoon workers at a logging camp eight miles east of Tofino inlet reported hearing a “crash.”

The non-scheduled Pacific Alaska DC-3 disappeared during a flight from Anchorage, Alaska, to Seattle. At the time, it was making one leg of the hop from Yakutat to Annette Island.

It was last heard from over Cape Spencer Thursday morning. It failed to make its regular report over Sitka.

Passenger lists of all three planes were withheld by the military and the airline firm. Officials of the last could not be reached after confirming reports the plane was missing.