Transcribed from Boca Raton News, Boca Raton, FL, October 15, 1972, p. 2:

Soviet plane crash kills 160


MOSCOW (UPI) — An Aeroflot Il62 airliner carrying about 160 persons on a non-scheduled flight from Paris via Leningrad crashed Friday night near Sheremetyevo airport, killing all aboard, the official Tass news agency and Western airline sources said Saturday.

The crash was one of the worst in civil airline history and the second involving the Soviet state airline in 12 days.

Tass, in an announcement moved on its English service wires at 3 p.m. (8 a.m. EDT) today said:

“A passenger airliner which was on its way from Leningrad to Moscow crashed in the area of Sheremetyevo Airport on Oct. 13 at 9:50 p.m., it is announced here.

“Both the passengers and the crew lost their lives. A government commission has been appointed to investigate the cause of the disaster.”

Western airline sources identified the plane as an ILyushin 62 jetliner, which went into Aeroflot’s international service in 1967.

The sources said the plane crashed about seven miles from the airport, Moscow’s main international air terminal.

Weather at the time of the crash was rainy and visibility was restricted.

A French embassy spokesman said he had no information about the crash.

The Tass announcement was unusual because Soviet news media do not usually report such disasters. When they do, it is generally long after the fact.

Today’s crash came exactly two months after an IL62 jetliner belonging to the East German airline Interflug crashed shortly after take-off from East Berlin’s Schoenefeld airport, killing 156 persons. It was the worst single-plane disaster in world aviation history.

The worst airline disaster happened July 31, 1971, in Japan when a jet fighter and a Japanese Boeing 727 collided, killing 162 persons.