Transcribed from The Milwaukee Sentinel, Milwaukee, WI, July 30, 1960, page 5:

Rule Bomb Caused 34 Plane Deaths

WASHINGTON, July 20 (AP). Final proof that a bomb blasted heavily-insured Julian A. Frank and 33 fellow airline passengers to death was reported Friday by the Civil Aeronautics Board.

But the mystery of the explosion in the sky remained unsolved with nearly a million dollars at stake.

The CAB’s summation of its six-month inquiry into the Jan. 6 crash of a National Airlines plane near Bolivia, N.C., made no attempt to fix responsibility for the explosion.

FBI Silent

Ant the FBI, which has been handed the job of trying to find out who triggered the dynamite bomb that knocked the DC6 airliner from the skies, refused to say how its investigation is going.

Four of the insurance companies with whom Frank took out policies totally $907,500 have contended the 32-year-old New York attorney committed suicide — at the price of 33 other lives. They’ve asked the courts to rule that they don’t have to pay the insurance.

But Frank’s young widow, blond model Janet Wagner Frank, 28, says she’s positive her wealthy husband was either the innocent victim of the explosion or the target of a monstrous mysterious murder plot.

Bomb Near Lawyer

The CAB reports places the bomb explosion in the immediate vicinity of Frank’s seat on the New York-Miami airliner and says he was close to the ripping blast that tore the plane apart.

The lawyer for Frank’s estate, David Marks, said in New York the CAB finding would have no effect on his efforts to collect the insurance for Frank’s widow and two children.

There is a “real possibility” that Frank was murdered, he said.