Transcribed from The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, January 7, 1960, page 1:

34 Dead in U.S. Plane Crash

NEW YORK, Jan. 6 (A.A.P.). — A four-engined National Airlines DC6B on a flight from New York to Miami crashed about 25 miles south-west of Wilmington, North Carolina, early today.

The plane carried 29 passengers and a crew of five and it is thought all were killed.

The pilot had given no indication of any trouble.

So far only seven bodies have been found.

First inspection of the wreckage suggested that the plane had exploded in the air.

A reporter said the largest part of the plane he saw was a wing and half of the fuselage “all ripped to pieces.”

The crash was the second in less than two months for National Airlines. Forty-two persons died when a National flight from Miami to New Orleans went down in the Gulf of Mexico on November 16.