Transcribed from The Times-News, Hendersonville, NC, January 15, 1960, pages 1,4:

FBI Probes Theory That Bomb Brought Air Crash

Aim Suspicion At Insured Passenger

By Ronald H. Nessen

WASHINGTON, Jan. 15. (UPI) — Government agents conducted a mammoth investigation today to determine whether a bomb caused last week’s National Airliner crash which killed all 34 persons aboard.

Part of the inquiry centered on a passenger who was covered by about a million dollars worth of recently-acquired insurance.

FBI and Civil Aeronautics Board investigators were trying to discover whether a man-made explosion blew the New York-to-Miami flight from the sky near Bolivia, N.C., Jan. 6.

WILMINGTON, Jan. 15. (UPI) — A federal agent investigating the crash of a National Airlines plane reported today that two men went through the wreckage looking for personal effects of Julian Frank.

NEW YORK, Jan. 15 — (UPI) — Julian Andrew Frank, suspected of killing himself and 33 other airliner passengers with a suicide bomb, was under investigation for a series of alleged swindles which may total over a million dollars, it was revealed here today.

It was reported today that:

St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo., attorneys had complained to the New York district attorney against Frank last month in an alleged charity fund drive swindle.

The FBI is investigating complaints that a “phantom” firm set up by Frank had collected large fees for mortgage dealings and then failed to complete transactions.

After hearing testimony from the CAB’s safety director, Chairman A. S. Mike Monroney (D-Okla) of the Senate aviation subcommittee said Thursday “every bit of evidence so far” indicated a bomb exploded in the plane’s washroom. Monroney said “it seems clear” to him that a bomb caused the crash.

CAB Safety Director Oscar Bakke told the subcommittee that a preliminary investigation brought out some “unusual circumstances” which caused the agency to look into the possibility of an explosion. He said he was not prepared to state that a bomb caused the crash.

Bakke said the CAB inquiry centered on heavily-insured Julian Andrew Frank, 32, a Westport, Conn., lawyer who boarded the plane with a 20-pound blue cloth flight bag. Frank’s body was found some 18 to 21 miles from the scene of the main wreckage. The flight bag was nearby, its bottom torn out.

Bakke said Frank’s body was more severely mutilated than those of other passengers and was impregnated with small bits of steel, wire, wood and paint. He said both legs were blown off.

An official said government investigators were seeking every scrap of evidence concerning the DC-6B plane, the passengers and their luggage. He said the agents would try to reconstruct the plane from the wreckage.

The official said investigators would explore thoroughly the background of each passenger and would question relatives and neighbors.

Bakke said Frank took out accident or life insurance policies from April to December totaling about $889,000 plus two policies totaling 125,000 just before boarding the plane. All were made out to his wife, Janet, a former fashion model.