Transcribed from The Spokane Daily Chronicle, Spokane, WA, November 6, 1947, p. 1:

Party is Stuck in Heavy Snow

KETCHIKAN, Alaska, Nov. 6. (UP) — A party carrying the bodies of 18 persons killed in the crash of a Pan American Airways DC-4 was bogged down today in deep snow on Annette island’s towering Mount Tamgus.

The party of coast guardsmen and CAA employees said it was bucking snow five feet deep. It radioed a call for assisstance after progressing only 1000 feet down the mountain from the crash site in four days.

The crew must descend another 2000 feet down the mountainside before the bodies can be transferred to a coast guard amphibious plane on Lake Tambus.

A coast guard plane dropped food and supplies to the weary group and additional men were being sent to relieve crews on the mountain.