Transcribed from The Victoria Advocate, Victoria, Texas, October 5, 1960, p. 1:

Death Rides Electras

NEW YORK (AP) — The crash of an Eastern Airlines Electra in Boston Harbor Tuesday was the second crash of a plane of that type in less than three weeks and one more of a series of mishaps involving Electras.

A total of 162 persons were killed in three previous Electra crashes. In a fourth, at La Guardia Airport Sept. 14, all 76 persons aboard escaped without serious injury.

It was a turbo-prop-propeller driven rather than pure jet-Electra which plunged into the East River here Feb. 3, 1959, taking 65 persons to their deaths.

Sixty-three died in a crash of an Electra near Tell City, Ind., last March 17, and 34 were killed in September 1959 when an Electra crashed near Buffalo City, Tex.

In the latter two crashes the planes lost wings in seemingly safe flying weather.