Transcribed from The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia, April 27, 1951, p. 3:

Airliner in Collision

43 Killed in Sea Plunge


NEW YORK, April 26 (A.A.P.).–Forty-three persons were killed yetserday when a Cuban DC4 airliner and a U.S. Navy training plane collided over Key West, Florida, and plunged into the sea.

There were no survivors.

The airliner carried 34 passengers and a crew of five. The Navy plane carried a crew of four.

Three hours after the collision Navy divers had recovered 16 bodies.

A U.S. Navy spokesman said the Navy plane was on an instrument-training flight.

“We don’t know if the crew was flying blind at the time of the collision, but when they do one of the pilots has clear visual observation at all times,” he said.


Hundreds of sunbathers saw the planes collide at 4,000 feet with a noise like an explosion.

Eyewitnesses said the Navy plane spun into the water immediately, but the airliner remained in the air for about 50 seconds.

Compania Cubana de Aviacion, which is affiliated with Pan-American World Airways, operated the airliner, which was on the Miami-Havana Run.